Friday, March 23, 2012

Harry the Fairy Reviews

These are all of the reviews we've found of Harry the Fairy so far.
Please let us know if you come across any we haven't seen.  4/5
“Now this game is probably meant for younger players, but with controls such as these and some clever uses of machinery, older players will probably gain some enjoyment out of this title as well.” 
"It's Magic" 4/5  4/5
" In short, this game’s a cracker!"  8/10
"Its gameplay is extremely fun and unique."  4/5
”...with the catchy music, the high quality graphics, and the myriad of achievements to earn, this is a game that is worth downloading.”  4/5
”The new Chillingo game will get you hooked pretty fast – thanks to the enchanting background music and the amazing graphics that create a wonderfully sculptured fairytale world.”  3.5/5
”Harry carries a clean and formidable presentation”

“This one is really for people who want to solve puzzles and take there time about things.”  86/100
”I hope to see more games like Harry the Fairy in the coming months. It was a joy and a pleasure for me to play and review Harry the Fairy.” 
“Really a game to remember and a game to love from start to the end.” 
“it’s unique, it’s humorous and it totally deserves the low price of 99 cents you have to pay for it. Totally recommended!” 
“Harry The Fairy is a side scrolling action game with a very old school feel.”  4/5
“With a winning combination of exceptional graphics, lovable characters and addictive gameplay, Harry the Fairy its a great add to any casual gamer’s library.”  4/5
“With an emotional soundtrack and dark graphics, this game will keep you on edge, leaving you anticipating what's coming next. The graphics are quite stunning: everything down to each separate blade of grass has been utilised to show off your iOS device at its best.” 3/5
“ The game follows a formula to a tee and doesn't stray from it. The controls are great, the audio and visuals are solid, the gameplay offers light challenges and solid design.”

And yet Harry is sad, why?


  1. Just finished the game and really enjoyed it. I especially love the hand drawn graphics. Are you guys releasing episode 2 as an update or a separate app?

  2. Hi Thoth.

    We haven't decided yet,it heavily depends on sales of the first app.