Zaxis Games is a Copenhagen-based indie game dev company.

We are:

Jacob Honoré

Bo Blond Daugaard
Gamedesign and Art

Kristian Langelund Helle Jespersen
Gamedesign and programming

Nils G√łtzsche
3D extraordinaire


  1. FIRST! one developer to another, good luck guys =]

  2. nice Team! Go for it !!!
    btw. like you Blog & Scripts !!!
    very useful :-)

  3. You guys happen to have a contact email for Zaxis Games? My review site is interested in connecting with you.


  4. sorry abou that ignore the first comment my name is Dylan and I'm a reviewer on a new indie game review blog and was hoping to feature your game of “99 levels to hell”, would that be ok with you?
    our website for this is http://lbtheindiereviewer.wordpress.com/
    Will it be OK to use footage of the game in videos for use of review blog/site.
    Would we be able to use game audio/music in review videos?
    Are there any press/review copies of the game?
    We will be directing any traffic towards your site in a bid to increase the games popularity.

    Also do you have any background information on the game such as;
    What are the names of the developers and art designers?
    What was your Inspiration for this game?
    How long did it take you to develop the game from scratch?
    What where the good and bad points during the development stage of the game?
    Do the developers have any future plans for the game?
    What are your views on the game, such as art,game sounds,storyline ect?
    What are the general views on games such as favourite genres and titles for the developers?
    Do the developers have any other games in development? Any sneak peaks?

    Hope you receive the email, respond when you have the time.

  5. Hello, I am a voice actor from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have been in many Skyrim and New Vegas mods, as well as a number of indie games. If you are ever in need of voice acting, please send me an email: elijahlucian@gmail.com - check out my portfolio: http://www.elijahlucian.ca/voice.php