Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nearing release of Harry the Fairy

So…the release candidate Harry the Fairy has been approved and has passed QA at Chillingo, so the release date is getting closer.

We've been working on/off on this title since medio 2010. The first 6 month or so, we mainly just had sporadic discussions on setting and gameplay, but no actual prototyping work was done since we were finalizing Angry Viking as well as doing tedious work-for-hire jobs - had to find a way to pay the bills. 

But when time allowed it, we did get some work done on Harry. When we got funding by the Nordic Game Program to do this game it was under the working title "You got Snail" and the gameplay was a mix of World of Goo, Angry Birds and The Incredible Machine. We did some prototyping and realized bit by bit that our design did not match the affordances and constraints of the smartphone platform. We killed a ton of darlings, and ended up with a "non-touch" tilt-gameplay. That design decision also caused a change in protagonist - from snail to fairy. 

We're really happy about the end result and hope you will like it to. If not, you have no taste…Thanks to Chillingo and producer Kieren Smith for the cooperation until now. At first we're releasing to iOS, but Android is on the roadmap.

Now fly Harry, fly


  1. Hey Bo & Kristian!
    Looks nice - how can you go wrong with a game that features slime creeps and dangerous machines underground...?


    Best of luck, y'all!


  2. Hey Morten

    Thanks. You're quite right, how CAN we go wrong, its not an option :)